Smart Ways to Save at Hotels

Hotels are the finer things in life that we look forward to every time we travel. But if you are a traveler on a budget, you can still enjoy a relaxing evening without breaking the bank.

Look For Online Deals

onlineHotels are a seasonal business. They get a high number of guests during holidays and lower number of guests during the off-season. To keep things running and to make sure that they still have ways to earn, some hotels are partnering with different websites where they offer deals. You have to pay in advance as a form of your reservation fee for the desired date of your stay. The good news is you are paying way lesser compared to a guest walking-in on the same day. A smart traveler always plans and book their reservations early rather than joining the seasonal cramming. Not only it is more organized, but it is also cheaper.

Check Airport Hotels

Airport hotels are convenient considering that they are located near the airport. It’s good that you go online while checking the prices. Sometimes, the rates you’ll see in the airport hotel recommendations are cheaper compared online. So, don’t forget to compare prices to get the best hotel rate possible. Also, ask about the tie-ups that come with your stays like the boat rental Amsterdam and Amsterdam zoo tours. The packages they might provide is cheaper compared to buying them from agencies.

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Ask About To-Go Box Breakfast

Often times, we are in hurry to catch our flight or personal itineraries, so we miss to eat the complimentary breakfast offered by hotels we checked in. Ask the staff of the hotel if they have a to-go box breakfast. Not all hotels offer this complimentary gesture, but it’s worth asking. Also, take note that asking them in the evening to make the request is the correct way of doing it rather than making the request in the morning when you are already in a rush.