Traveler’s Dilemma: Should I Bring My Kids?

Admit it or not, as parents, we have asked ourselves this question many times. We are hesitant to take our kids because we all know that it would be chaotic and super draining. But of course, you feel guilty inside whenever these thoughts come into your head. How can I leave my kids? Who would take care of them while I’m away on vacation? Don’t worry, we have asked ourselves the same question and felt guilty about it, too. We have gathered some advice from parents like us to help us make the decision.


We Need a Break Too

Social media will tell you that you have to be there always for your children, and becoming a parent means you are doomed for life. You can no longer enjoy Amsterdam top sightseeing in peace and have a moment for yourself. But no matter what other people say about being the “perfect parent”, we are just humans. We have limits. We get tired, depressed, and depleted. We need a break, too. If this vacation is intended to revive that relationship with your partner, by all means, don’t take the kids. If this vacation will help you stay sane in all the craziness of life, go for it.

Family Goals Vs. Personal Pleasure


When planning your vacation, think first if this vacation is intended for your family goals or for your personal pleasure. You’ll know because the itineraries you plan will tell you which category this vacation is. Let’s say you envision renting a bike in Amsterdam with the kids and laughing together as you see different sights, then it’s a family vacation. Taking your kids on a vacation will be easier on the heart if it’s really intended to be that way. There are parents who really enjoy traveling with their kids, and they make wonderful memories together. If that’s you, then bring your kids.

How Much is Your Budget?

Another burning question you should ask yourself is how much is your budget? Of course, by now, you realized that having kids is not cheap. The same realization goes with your travel planning. If you plan on taking your kids on a vacation in Amsterdam bike rental, make sure to bring extra cash.