Be a Well-Mannered Guest

Below are simple yet the most violated rules of hotel guests. We might be in a time where skyscrapers are working day in and day out building new hotels almost everywhere. Hotels need more guests to survive tight competition, but this is not an excuse to leave our manners at home. We are ought to be responsible guests, too.


Call The Staffs Properly

We often watched movies where a rich guy calling the staff by whistling, clapping, and finger clicking. We thought it’s okay, but it’s not. It’s annoying and disrespectful towards the person you are calling to. No matter where you are, in Amsterdam hotels cheap, in five-star hotels, and or in a restaurant, respect the staff who are working hard to help you to have a good time. It doesn’t matter if you are earning bigger than these folks, they are decently earning the fruits of their labour, and they deserve respect.

Towels are Not Mop

towelsHotels even in cheap night Amsterdam will provide towels to keep you dry after a hot shower. Don’t use these towels to mop the floor or clean the mess you made. Think about the next user as well. Though hotels will make sure that these towels are clean and fresh before they hand it over to the next user, it’s inappropriate to use bathing towels as a mop. Another point is, you are making it harder for laundry staff to do their job.

Taking Hotel Property Stuff

There are things you can take like toiletries initially provided as soon as you check in. But apart from the toiletries, please don’t get anything that’s not yours. For example, pillow, towels, rugs, glass, and so on. Don’t take these hotel property items with you during Amsterdam canal tour. There are hotels who would do a room check before letting you leave the hotel ground. It’s so embarrassing if you get caught. The worst part is you might be asked to pay for those items you took. To be on the safe side, just take the toiletries, and that’s it.