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Your Home Away From Home

We ought to travel and go out once in a while to escape from the stress of our ordinary daily life. Your family needs to look no more for the best inn or hotel to stay because we have covered them all for you. It doesn’t matter what season you plan to stay or if you are aiming to be part of Amsterdam Heineken experience or just do an all-day stroll during Amsterdam holiday, our hotel will accommodate you with our five-star service. We are not just a hotel, we are your family’s second home. We’ll bridge the two realities of your travel, your home and amazing destinations outside our hotel. Go on your way, explore and when you’re tired, visit our hotel and let us give you the best accommodation thus far.

Genuine Warm Service

Every hotel promises you genuine warm service. But often times, you find yourself walking out disappointed. Inntel Hotels always put our customers first. We focus on the things we can control such as the standard cleanliness, providing you with your basic needs, and we go the extra mile by making sure all our staff are pleasant and warm. We are one big happy family at the hotel. We are very serious in carrying the brand everywhere we go. We know that tourism brings the city with more opportunities, and all tourist should be treated with genuine warm service. As a thank you for visiting our hotel, we will keep our promise at all times by providing you with a wonderful hotel experience.

Great Destinations and Adventures

Our hotel is situated in Amsterdam where nature meets civilization. We brag the beautiful destinations you can go during your stay. We also want to highlight the premium dinner cruise Amsterdam where we are sure that will leave a long lasting impression on you. The city is fun yet educational where you can learn more about Madame Tussaud and see amazing paintings at the famous van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. Visit Amsterdam and you’ll never run out of places to go and things to do. It’s the perfect destination for the whole family and even for singles looking for fun and adventure. The best deal maker is you have the best hotel to stay, strategically located at the centre of the city, so it’s easy for you to hop from one place to another.


Hotel Packages Suitable for Every Need

At our hotel, we have rooms and packages that will meet your needs and budget. You can go for basic to premium rooms and even select packages that are tailored fit for you. Our booking services are also easy without the deceiving hidden fees which are robust in the hospitality industry. You’ll get your money’s worth without compromising quality and your experience. Now you can travel according to your own terms. Plan your travel and contact us to get the best rates possible.

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